Wednesday, December 18, 2013


12/16 Sleep 8:30-5:30

Active Recovery
7-9 Rounds (I lost track) all at conversational pace
60s Ski erg
60s Airdyne
60s Row
30s Side plank/side

Short afternoon hike. 


Another great night of sleep ~8:30-5:30

3 ub muscle-ups
175m ski
3 ub muscle-ups
175m ski
rest 3 min

Set 1 3:00 ~2:46, 2:45 pace on ski rug
Set 2 2:45 ~2:42 57.0s, 2:43 57.6s 
Set 3 2:45 ~2:36, 2:45 pace
Set 4 2:48 
Set 5 2:48
Set 6 2:38 (video) ~2:32, 2:27 paces. 

I was working my ass off on the skier with about 44 pulls a minute, but I couldn't get the pace to come anywhere near my row pace as it says I should on the C2 website.  Amber was using the other one and was pulling 2:05-2:20 pace regularly.  I was like WTF…why am I unable to do that?  AFTER the workout was complete Becca noticed that I was brining my arms in close together at the top of the pull relative to Amber keeping hers wider.  Didn't sound like a big deal, but then I went over and tried it and started pulling in the 1:50s with similar effort.  Although I felt like I was working harder on the skier pace wise it wasn't as painful as a row at that effort.  Perhaps now that I've figured out how to increase the power by changing my hand position it will be a different story.  Fun to do something new.  

AD 30 sec @90%
AD 30 sec easy
Done.  155 total cals.  90% RPM was ave of 70-72 low of 68, high of 75ish in later sets. 

Afternoon nap 20-30 minutes then some reading.  90 minutes in bed total. 

12 min amrap:
3 deadlifts 225#
3 box jumps 30"
3 pHSPU 6"
Didn't feel strong off the floor warming up.  Mid back quite tired for all the pulling this morning.  Bit of discomfort right b/w the shoulder blades when I would release the bar from the top.  
Rnd 1 36s and two untied shoes??  so 51s when back to the bar
3 minutes: 4 Rounds
5:50: 8 Rounds
10 minutes 13 
12 minutes 15 Rnds + 1

My low back was the limiter.  HSPU felt great and got faster transitioning as I went on.  Box jumps steady.  Corey said I was catching box jumps taller than previous.  Deadlifts UB early.  Broke a set right after half way and then got back into some TnG until the last 60-90s the low back was spent & did singles.  Bilateral tightness from low back down into sacrum so felt really cautious going into deads.  Overall fun workout.  

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